AccuBilt builds quality turn-key resistance welding systems for both robotic and dedicated applications. Our experienced engineers will work with you to build the ideal system to maximize productivity. We offer complete design & build services of spot and projection welding equipment. AccuBilt offers:
H-Frame Modular Resistance Welders • Pedestal Resistance Welders • Robotic TransGun Resistance Welding Systems • Custom Dial Indexing Resistance Welders • Automated Robotic & Dedicated Resistance Welding Systems

H-Frame Resistance Welder

Pedestal Resistance Welder

  • Customizable
  • Spot & Projection Welding
  • AccuBilt or Customer Build Specs.

  • Available with Multiple Controller Options:
    • WTC/Medar
    • Unitrol
    • Entron
    • Dengensha

  • Nut & Stud Feeding
  • Error Proofing
  • Auto Part Eject

  • Custom Tooling
  • Wire Frames
  • Multiple Robot Options
Resistance Welding Flyer
Resistance Welding Dial Video 1
Resistance Welding Dial Video 2

Dial Indexing Resistance Welder

TransGun Resistance Welder

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