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The patented Mini-Shuttle™ by AccuBilt offers a complete “ready-to-weld” shuttle MIG welding system with an incredibly small footprint. Utilizing a compact ceiling mounted 6-axis robot, the usable work envelope is maximized, while minimizing the cell footprint to only 7' x 10'. Each cell features two 24" x 34" tables mounted to pneumatically driven shuttles with a 500 lb capacity. The Mini-Shuttle™ is an economical solution that delivers unmatched productivity with ZERO index time*, making it more efficient than systems with turntables or indexers.

Interior with tooling
  • Economical
  • Small Footprint - 7’ x 10’
  • Unmatched Productivity - ZERO Index Time*
  • Forklift Portable for Plant Mobility
  • RIA Safety Standards Compliant
  • Features a ceiling mounted, compact 6-axis robot
  • Two 24” x 34” tables with 500 lb capacity offer part flexibility
Mini-Shuttle Flyer
Mini-Shuttle Video

Mini-Shuttle™ 3D interior view
(front guard removed for clarity)
  • Single load/unload area minimizes operator foot travel compared to fixed table designs
  • ZERO index time*, unlike cells incorporating a turntable or indexer (>2.5 seconds per index)
  • Fully assembled and wired, simply set in place with a forklift, connect the input power, and begin welding. Easy plug & play setup!

* When load time is less than weld time

  • 6-axis inverted MIG welding robot
  • Welding power source and high speed wire feeder
  • Four programming access doors – safety interlocked
  • Two 24” X 34” tooling tables mounted to pneumatically driven shuttles
  • Interior lighting to ease robot programming
  • Tregaskiss air-cooled MIG torch
  • Safety light curtains operated through double-redundant safety circuits (RIA compliant)
  • Allen Bradley PLC (available customer-defined inputs & outputs, expandable)
  • Allen Bradley PanelView operator interface
  • Cell enclosed by hard guarding & UV-blocking weld curtains at load station
  • Custom designed tooling (manual or pneumatic clamping, part sensors, etc.)
  • Controls package upgrades (custom PLC or PanelView)
  • Several robot models available
  • Other weld equipment and torch packages available
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